If you would like to purchase or reserve a puppy, please contact us via email or phone. Please include the traits and sex of the puppy you desire. You can submit this information on the form on our Contact Page, or feel free to call us. If we are not available when you call, please leave a message and we will return your call!

Method of Payment

•Pay-Pal, Cashier's Check, or Wire Transfers.

•No personal checks without prior approval.

•A $400 deposit is required to reserve your puppy.

•Deposits are 100%-refundable. However, if your circumstances change the deposit may be applied     to another litter.

•Shipping is not included in the the listed price of the puppy unless otherwise stated. Shipping     costs are the responsibility of the buyer. On average, shipping costs with the airlines is $150.     We will make arrangements with the airlines for the shipment of your puppy. Instructions for     pickup will be sent to you.

•The balance must be paid in full before your puppy ships. Please allow 7 days prior to the date     your puppy ships.



•We ship anywhere in the U.S. International shipments are possible, but please confirm with us     prior.

•We can ship via Air or Ground. $150 ship fee for air, $100 for ground.

•Please be aware that your puppy will not ship in extreme weather conditions. (Excessive     heat/cold) This is for the well-being   and health of your puppy.

•To ensure the health of your puppy, a certified veterinarian health certificate will accompany     your puppy. 

•Feel free to pick your puppy up in person. Shipping via airlines is not mandatory.

•Although puppies are available to go to new homes at the age of 9 weeks, some will need to be 10     weeks before leaving.

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